Benjamin Franklin Stringfellow was the most dangerous and daring spy in the Confederate army with a reward of $10,000 offered for his capture. During the month of March 1865 he infiltrated Washington on a special mission for Jefferson Davis. He was looking for a blind spot in Washington's defences for the Harney mission.

Spirited out of Washington by Mary Surratt, Stringfellow was captured the next day. The failure of his final mission sealed the fate of Harney's.

Just before the fall of Richmond, Secretary of State Benjamin assigned explosive expert Sergeant Thomas F. Harney along with a small action team to Mosby's Raiders. He also withdrew fifteen hundred dollars in gold "for Secret Service" without specifying its usage. Mosby was assigned to infiltrate the team along with their fuses and detonators into Washington where Harney would mine the White House.

Harney was captured by a small cavalry group before he could accomplish his task. Booth decided on his own initiative to complete the Harney assignment.

Harney was released from federal prison on the same day Surratt, Powell, Herold and Atzerodt were executed. His mission was undiscovered for over a century.

Judah Benjamin, Confederate Secretary of State, formed the Canadian Secret Service with the purpose of disrupting the elections of 1864, helping the Democrats oust Lincoln, sabotaging supply lines, stirring up riots in the cities, compelling Washington to place troops in Canada and forcing Britain to enter the war. Benjamin's association with Jacob Thompson and John Surratt lay at the center of the accusation of conspiracy against Jefferson Davis.

When Richmond fell, Benjamin escaped to Great Britain. Of all the officers of the Confederacy, he was the only one never to return to the United States. Secretary of State Seward firmly believed that Benjamin was the man behind the assassination.

A born revolutionary with very few scruples, George Sanders had little regard for right and wrong and frequently worked at cross-purposes with his superiors. He was a fanatical elitist preaching liberty- equality - fraternity in Europe, but believed slaves should be handled with a whip and a gun.

Operating in Canada he pushed his 'electoral chaos' plan amongst Confederate reps and Copperheads and was in frequent consultation with Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin and Beverly Tucker.

His successful propaganda campaign deflected blame for the assassination from Southern leaders and changed American history.

Before he fled Richmond, Davis left a present for his pursuers. A coal-bomb was found on his desk and removed just before Lincoln's arrival.

After Lee's surrender, he called upon his nation to initiate a guerrilla war against the Union.

Upon hearing of Lincoln's assassination, Davis remarked;

" If it were to be done at all, it were better that it were well done; and if the same had been done to Andy Johnson, the beast, and to Secretary Stanton, the job would then be complete."

This was the goal of Harney's Torpedo Plot.

Thomas Nelson Conrad was a chaplain and a rebel spy in the Washington area. In September 1864, he developed a plan to "capture Lincoln's carriage on his way to his summer residence at the Soldiers Home, move him through (southern) Maryland and deliver the prisoner to Mosby's (Rangers) for transportation to Richmond."

Conrad recommended that Richmond abandon the plan when a cavalry detachment began accompanying Lincoln's carriage. Conrad's plan and escape route would later become Booth's blueprint.

Colonel John Mosby was a legendary guerilla fighter assigned to transport Lincoln to Richmond if the kidnapping plan succeeded. When that plan failed he became responsible for infiltrating Sgt. Thomas Harney through the lines and into Washington. Although he surrendered his command on April 16th on the recommendation of Lee, he did not personally surrender until June 17th.

By then the government's case in trial of the conspirators was completed and his participation in the Conrad abduction and Harney Torpedo plots remained unrevealed. With Booth dead his only connection to the kidnapping and assassination plot was Lewis Powell, a 'deserter' from his ranks.